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Early Voting, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

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Long Lines for Important Plebescite

Clev­e­land County vot­ers may cast their bal­lots before at the Cleveland County Election Board, 641 East Robinson, just east of the county fair­grounds. Voting is open until , then again from , and again from .

The Line (V) (Young Voter)
The Line (V) (Young Voter) — Early Voting, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

When I arrived to vote at , the wait­ing time was about 75 min­utes. Voters will need to show a state- or federally-​issued ID or a voter reg­is­tra­tion card; cit­i­zens with­out required ID will have the oppor­tu­nity to obtain a tem­po­rary ID at the main counter, down­stairs.

Vote: Your Right | Your Duty | Your Privilege
Vote: Your Right | Your Duty | Your Privilege



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