Guitar Break (I)

Rebekah Pulley at the Brick Café — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

The Show

Brick Street Show

One of nine sib­lings, Rebekah Pulley grew up in rural Alaska lis­ten­ing to her dad, Wallace, [Sidenote: Wallace Pulley played gui­tar on Charlie Ryan’s orig­i­nal record­ing of Hot Rod Lincoln)] play­ing gui­tar. At a young age, she taught her­self to play the instru­ment by ear.

I am not cer­tain [how many orig­i­nal songs I’ve writ­ten] — some­where in the hun­dreds … although I only like two of them.

Rebekah Pulley

With 5 full-length CDs under her belt, Pulley has earned crit­i­cal respect and fan adu­la­tion alike. Her lat­est release is Tralala.

Although she has a back­ing band, The Reluctant Prophets, Pulley made her offi­cial Woody Guthrie Festival appear­ance accom­pa­nied by the house band, the Oklahoma Geniuses. She per­formed at the Brick Street Café. Festival reg­u­lar Ronnie Elliot joined in on Pulley’s final pair of songs.



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