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Privacy Policy

This Messenger Web Design LLC dba Mercury Photo Bureau Privacy Policy indiĀ­cates the guideĀ­lines used to proĀ­tect the inforĀ­maĀ­tion colĀ­lected durĀ­ing your visit to our website.

Information Collected

Information may be colĀ­lected at varĀ­iĀ­ous times while visĀ­itĀ­ing our site, for examĀ­ple, comĀ­pletĀ­ing our Contact Form or proĀ­vidĀ­ing a Deposit or Payment for an order. Typical types of data colĀ­lecĀ­tion may include: Company, Name, Address, City, ST, Postal Code, Email Address, Credit Card Number with Expiration Date and other.

What Happens with the Information

The inforĀ­maĀ­tion proĀ­vided allows us to proĀ­vide prodĀ­ucts and serĀ­vices required by our clients (send litĀ­erĀ­aĀ­ture, schedĀ­ule appointĀ­ments, fulĀ­fill orders, proĀ­vide project staĀ­tus, cusĀ­tomer supĀ­port and other). Messenger Web Design LLC will not sell your inforĀ­maĀ­tion to any outĀ­side non-ā€‹affiliated comĀ­pany for its use in marĀ­ketĀ­ing or solicĀ­iĀ­taĀ­tion. All inforĀ­maĀ­tion colĀ­lected will be mainĀ­tained within the Messenger Web Design LLC dataĀ­base. Messenger Web Design LLC may howĀ­ever, disĀ­close your inforĀ­maĀ­tion in cerĀ­tain cases where we have your perĀ­misĀ­sion or under speĀ­cial cirĀ­cumĀ­stances such as when required by law. The comĀ­pany may also use the inforĀ­maĀ­tion to proĀ­vide you with notiĀ­fiĀ­caĀ­tions and imporĀ­tant announceĀ­ments relĀ­aĀ­tive to new prodĀ­ucts, speĀ­cial offers, webĀ­site enhanceĀ­ments or other. Messenger Web Design LLC may also use cusĀ­tomer inforĀ­maĀ­tion on an aggreĀ­gate basis to betĀ­ter underĀ­stand their clients and improve our prodĀ­ucts and serĀ­vices. Aggregate staĀ­tisĀ­tics may be disĀ­closed to potenĀ­tial busiĀ­ness partners.

The use of ā€œCookiesā€

Messenger Web Design LLC may use cookĀ­ies. Cookies are small inforĀ­maĀ­tion files stored by your browser on the hard drive that allows the comĀ­pany to proĀ­vide advanced feaĀ­tures such as partĀ­ner logins and perĀ­sonĀ­alĀ­izaĀ­tion. The cookĀ­ies we may use do not conĀ­tain any perĀ­sonal inforĀ­maĀ­tion. You may change your browser setĀ­tings to disĀ­able cookĀ­ies, but cookĀ­ies must be enabled in order to perĀ­form transĀ­acĀ­tions at our website.

Your Consent

By visĀ­itĀ­ing and proĀ­vidĀ­ing the requested inforĀ­maĀ­tion throughĀ­out our Website, you conĀ­sent to the colĀ­lecĀ­tion and use of the inforĀ­maĀ­tion described above. We may periĀ­odĀ­iĀ­cally modĀ­ify our Privacy Policy and will post any changes to this page.

You may revoke your conĀ­sent any time using the ā€œRevoke Consentā€ butĀ­ton. I revoke consent

Trust & Feedback

We endeavor to build usersā€™ trust and conĀ­fiĀ­dence in using our webĀ­site. If you need assisĀ­tance in updatĀ­ing the inforĀ­maĀ­tion you proĀ­vide to Messenger Web Design LLC , have quesĀ­tions about this priĀ­vacy stateĀ­ment or the pracĀ­tices of this site, please email us.

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