Zachariah's Guitar — Zombie Bolt After Life Party, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Gallery: The Secret Post (Zombie Run 5K After-Life Party)

Five years ago I pub­lished a story about the 5K zom­bie race in Guthrie, Oklahoma. At the time I shared only a por­tion of the pho­tos I shot dur­ing the race, rel­e­gat­ing the remain­der to Flickr. Since then Flickr have changed their terms of ser­vice. I’m cur­rently mov­ing many of my pho­tos from the plat­form to this blog. 

The zom­bie run was fol­lowed by an after-party (the after-life party). Tulsa’s The Secret Post and Oklahoma City’s Kill the Reflection pro­vided the musi­cal entertainment.

The Secret Post is the brain­child of Zachariah Wiser. Wiser started his first band in California before form­ing The Secret Post. The band draw their sound from post-punk and new wave, with lyrics address­ing sex, death, despair, and love. [Sidenote: The Secret Post is about sex, death, despair, and love …,” www​.thes​e​cret​post​.net.]

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