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The Mercury Photo Bureau archive of articles by Chris J. Zähller, photographer, writer, and all-around swell fellow.

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International Man of Mystery. Cocktail Nerd. Occasionally designs websites. Sometimes snaps a picture or two.

Woodyfest 2014: SONiA disappear fear

SONiA dis­ap­pear fear at the Pastures of Plenty Emerg­ing from Baltimore’s folk scene in the late 1980s, Sonia Rutstein formed the folk-​​duo Disappear Fear (styl­ized “dis­ap­pear fear”) with her sis­ter Cindy Frank. Sonia was hence­forth known as “SONiA” and Cindy as “CiNDY.” The two released five albums before Frank left the group in 1996. Following her… Read More …

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