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Artists Raise Funds for Festival

Visual artists and musi­cians pooled their tal­ents last Saturday to raise money for the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. Hosted by music venue and bar The Root [Sidenote: The Root is located at 3012 N Walker Avenue in Oklahoma City’s Paseo District.] , the event fea­tured art­work donated by Oklahoma artists Sharra Beard, Nora Bisher, April Holder, Susan Yback and oth­ers. Mary Katherine Long donated sev­eral prints by her late hus­band, pho­tog­ra­pher Tom Lee.

Additionally, a num­ber of fes­ti­val alumni pro­vided musi­cal enter­tain­ment for what fes­ti­val orga­niz­ers hope will be an annual fundraiser:

  • Terry “Buffalo” WareGregg Standridge
  • Tania Warnock
  • Sisters LaurenKamryn Lee
  • Andy Adams
  • Joshua Pōlaschek
  • Tom Marshall
  • Cassie Latshaw
  • Annie Oakley (Grace Babb, Sophia Babb, & Nia Personette)
  • Dylan Stewart
  • Buffalo Rogers
  • Kalyn Fay
  • Nellie Clay
  • Chris Blevins

Luke Mullinex accom­pa­nied both Buffalo Rogers and Nellie Clay on upright bass, and Scott Hunt joined Clay on fid­dle and man­dolin. Michael Lander gen­er­ously pro­vided stage man­age­ment and sound mixing.

The ben­e­fit raised over $1200 USD for the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. This year’s fes­ti­val is 11 – 15 July in Okemah, Oklahoma.



Missed the show? Despair not! We’ve got pictures!

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