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Skating Polly Show at Guestroom Records

The Show

Sensational Show Ends with Crash Landing

One of Oklahoma’s most antic­i­pated music releases of 2014 dropped 23 February, with the release of Skating Polly’s third full-length album, Fuzz Steilacoom. The album is already get­ting many favor­able reviews, and has been in heavy rota­tion here at the Bureau’s offices since we received our pre­view copy.

Last Saturday, step­sis­ters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayotook the band to the Oklahoma City Guestroom Records for a spe­cial pre-Record Day show. As usual, their per­for­mance was a high-energy, take-no-pris­on­ers affair that ended with Kelli bounc­ing all over the tiny stage with her cus­tom-made basitar [Sidenote: /ˈbæs-ɪ-tɑr/​: a 3-stringed gui­tar-bass hybrid.] . While she didn’t end up crowd-surf­ing (as she recently did at the 2nd annual Teenage Kicks ben­e­fit show orga­nized by Peyton and Kelli, she did climb onto the kick drum twice. Unfortunately, she hadn’t thought about where she was going to land the 2nd time and fell back­ward behind the kit, bring­ing the show to a very excit­ing end. Although she didn’t stick the land­ing, Kelli was not hurt.

You can see more pic­tures of Skating Polly, read our exclu­sive inter­view, and see video excerpts from that inter­view in our archive Also, check out this cool GIF of Kelli’s stunt made by the great Doug “Dougonious” Schwarz.

Skating Polly — Alabama Movies

Fuzz Steilacoom is avail­able at iTunes. You can also buy the CD at Amazon, or pick up a lim­ited edi­tion vinyl LP at any Guestroom Records location.



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