Woodyfest 2018

Woodyfest 2018: Randy Crouch, Johnny Irion, & John Fullbright

This writer had only one offi­cial assign­ment (cov­er­ing gritty soul-​singer Opal Agafia) at the big out­door stage on fes­ti­val Saturday. Red Dirt leg­end Randy Crouch pre­ceded her. Unfortunately, his set coin­cided with my only chance to eat din­ner before I had to be back

Woodyfest 2018: Opal Agafia & the Sweet Nothings

The biggest musi­cal influ­ence in Opal Agafia’s life is her mom. Agafia char­ac­ter­izes her­self as a “life­long seri­ous shower singer,” say­ing that she grew up singing with her mother, DeAnna Smith.

Woodyfest 2018: Willis Alan Ramsey

In my sopho­more high school year, my fam­ily moved from the house we had been rent­ing in the sub­urbs to a five-​acre home­stead in the coun­try. Whereas pre­vi­ously we had lived within walk­ing dis­tance of pri­mary, mid­dle, and high schools, hence­forth my sib­lings and I would ride the bus.

Woodyfest 2018: Josh Okeefe

At first glance, one could be for­given for dis­miss­ing twenty-​five-​year-​old singer-​songwriter Josh Okeefe as a mere pas­ticheur. An inter­net image search reveals his pen­chant for dress­ing like a cer­tain Robert Zimmerman (a.k.a. Bob Dylan),

Woodyfest 2018: Kids’ Harmonica Class

The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival has pro­vided a vari­ety of children’s pro­gram­ming over the years. Last year the fes­ti­val expanded from just orga­niz­ing kids’ con­certs to also host­ing youth work­shops. On fes­ti­val Friday, Woodyfest artists Joe Baxter and John Williams

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