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The Surrogate Band at Opolis (Gallery)

The Show

Ziggy Lives

we told you about the Surrogate Band, formed in at UCO to per­form Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The Surrogate Band reformed late last year for a series of David Bowie trib­ute shows. will be your final chance to catch them in Oklahoma City in a show fea­tur­ing elab­o­rate cos­tumes, hair, and makeup to reflect the dif­fer­ent peri­ods in Bowie’s career.

David Goad por­trays Bowie accom­pa­nied by gui­tarists Justin Hogan and Chris Wilson, bassist Gabriel Barham, key­boardist Richie Zenner, drum­mer Chris Sanders, and sax­o­phon­ist Mike Mitchell. J. R. Reagor and Amy Downes sing backup, with Reagor fill­ing in some percussion.

Stage man­age­ment is pro­vided by Kristine Kamen, who also acts as key cos­tumer and makeup artist. Revel Eight Salon and Spa pro­vide addi­tional hair and makeup. 


Gallery: The Surrogate Band Presents: A David Bowie Tribute

Opolis Bar & Micro-Venue, Norman, Oklahoma

The Hunky Dory Details

  • Where: VZD’s Restaurant and Club, 4200 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City
  • When: . Doors at , show at ~
  • Cover charge: $7.00 USD

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