My Brightest Diamond at Guestroom Records (OKIE-X Outtakes & Gallery)

My first encounter with the music of My Brightest Diamond was a track on a RED + HOT com­pi­la­tion.ï»ż During the sum­mer break, my neighbor’s teenage daugh­ter and her friend used to hang out in my liv­ing room and spin CDs on my hi-fi. One day she brought over Dark Was the Night, the fif­teenth entry in the RED + HOT series.

Paige S. Wilson, Photographer

Paige S. Wilson recently dropped by Mercury Photo Bureau for a facil­i­ties tour. We traded places behind the cam­era as I made her por­trait, and she made mine. Wilson was in born Los Angeles and raised in Oklahoma City. After tak­ing a pho­tog­ra­phy class at Harding Charter Preparatory High School, she enrolled at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO),
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Claude “The Master” Butler

met Claude Butler when he 1st moved to Norman in 1987. He had an arrange­ment with the man­age­ment at Sooner Fashion Mall (now called “Sooner Mall”) in which they let him set up a shoeshine stand rent-free near the mall’s cen­ter court. That arrange­ment ended in 1990 when some cor­po­rate bean-coun­ters got wind of it and
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Using the Paul C. Buff Einstein with a Light Meter

In con­tin­u­ing to learn the ins and outs of my recently acquired Paul C. Buff “Einstein” (model E640) stu­dio strobe, I’m teach­ing myself to meter flash. My Sekonic L-308S Flashmate expo­sure meter has 3 mea­sur­ing modes: Ambient, Auto Reset Cordless Flash, and Cord Flash. For this light­ing test, I used the Auto Reset mode, since the [

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